Sunday, September 7, 2008

An Introduction

People write blogs for a lot of different reasons. Some think they have something valuable to contribute to society - a new take on politics, religion, or relationships that they feel must be shared with the world. Others are simply looking to pass the time, using their blog as a personal journal of sorts. I suppose both of these reasons play into why I am starting mine. Mostly though, I am writing this because I need an outlet to express my opinions. I wouldn’t say I am one of those people that constantly bombards friends and family with my views to the point where they walk away from me in mid-conversation, but I guess every once and a while I do get a little wrapped up in things. Also, I wouldn’t argue that my opinions matter or that my thoughts should be written down, but I am going to put them out there anyway, for people to read or not. But what exactly am I going to be spending my somewhat valuable time “putting out there”? Well, here is where I will probably either lose you completely or begin to intrigue you: I am going to be writing about fashion.
If you laughed out loud while reading the last sentence, then this probably isn’t the blog for you. But do let me explain first: I do not believe that the world of fashion labels and luxury brands compare to the trials and tribulations of people facing disease or countries torn apart by war. I do not think that fashion and clothing matter the way that a family or career matter. But these are not the things I choose to think about as I lay awake at night, and that is not what I am choosing to write about here.
I would also like to clarify that this is not some “What’s Hot, What’s Not” blog. I am in no position to tell you that white-framed sunglasses are out and woven leather belts are in. That is for Vogue and GQ to tell you, not me. Furthermore, you will never read something like, “Victoria Beckham dazzled on the red carpet last night in a couture Marc Jacobs gown and Louis Vuitton heels”. This isn’t some sort of style watch either. That is why we read magazines like People and US Weekly.
I would also like to note that I do not have any first-hand experience in the industry and I do not claim to be any sort of fashionista, but I am educated and I do think seriously about fashion. Not just what designers are doing what, but what fashion can mean to an economy, a society, or an individual. For example, I realize that while discussing Louis Vuitton, I am not simply talking about a single dress or one pair of sunglasses - I am discussing a company that earns more than twenty billion dollars a year, a designer who molds the brand’s appearance, and a customer who buys the clothes in order to feel a certain way and portray a certain image. By thinking about all of these things, I am learning to give praise, express disapproval, raise new questions, voice my opinion, and learn something for myself about the fashion industry. This blog won’t be too glamorous and it won’t be too chic, but I hope that it is interesting and I hope that you like it.

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